Lil of this, lil of that

Well, Winter finally came to Colorado.  In a big way.  This past Friday saw a big dumping of snow on the front range area.  I was prepped and ready for it though.  I headed up to Nederland with the Steel*Wool gang on Thursday night for my first time ever Skate Skiing!!

I’ve downhilled a few times & classic skied tons, but never have I ever skate skied.  Met the crew at the gate for my first foray.  AP, MT, Tupa, Bob & Josh were there to ‘help’ me learn.  They showed me a few things and then just went really really fast and I was forced to bust my ass with everything I had to keep up.


This is what I felt like out there skiing

I could go fine on the flats, better than I though on the down and totally sucked going uphill.  And there was lots and lots of uphill.  I can’t remember the last time I went that hard.  Legs were burning, arms were burning, it was dark, 9000ft elevation and I simply fell over a few times going uphill as I was just going so hard trying to keep up.

Ski crash2

I’m pretty certain this is what my technique looked like to everyone else

Needless to say it was both the most fun and hardest thing I’ve ever done exercise wise.  HUGE thanks to Powers for lending me the skate skis and boots.  I’m super hooked on the sport and I need to get up to Ned and get a good lesson from the Brit.

Well the snow came down in bunches Thursday/Friday night and made for a good fun day this past Saturday.  I elected for my first Winter Triathlon.

IMG 0656

Rolled out to North Boulder Park for some am skate skiing

IMG 0658

Then jumped on the trainer for 90 minutes of Sufferfest videos with Bill & Kelly

IMG 0662

Then home for 90 minutes of Snowshoe time with Bridget & Lake

I was pretty crushed when I finished up all 3 workouts, but damn it was a ton of fun.

I didn’t get to bust out the skis on Sunday, but instead took Bridget and Lake and the pups for some more snowshoeing up in Nederland


This tells you how deep the snow is when Lizzy was swimming in it


It was a gorgeous day out there and far warmer than you can imagine


And of course the dogs had so much fun!

Training is rolling along nicely and I’ll work on bringing everyone up to speed quite a bit more on this blog and getting some more updates up much much quicker than I have been in the past few months.  New Bikes are coming and racing is less than 2 weeks away!!

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  1. nedergal February 6, 2012 at 4:15 pm #

    we told you the uphills were gonna hurt!

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